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Margie Kalaluhi

Intuitive Healer


My name is Margie Kalaluhi and I currently reside in Pensacola, Florida. I am the product of a Navy family, born in London, England, moved around until my family settled here in Pensacola. I have been interested in health and healthy alternatives since I was very young. I graduated from Pensacola Junior College as a Dental Hygienist, joined the United States Army where I served as an Instructor for four years, was honorably discharged and continued my search for health. In 1982, I met my husband, Robert, married him in 1983 and had our son, Gavin, in 1991. We have a toy poodle, Smalls, who believes he owns the house and everything in and around it.

Still looking for complementary technologies, I fell in love with the work of Louise L. Hay. Learning about her from Dr. Weissman, I read the book and watched the movie ("You Can Heal Your Life") and realized that this technique was in perfect harmony with Nikken and The LifeLine Technique. I attended a week long workshop in Orlando and am now a certified Heal Your Life Achieve Your Dreams workshop leader.

I then discovered The Emotion Code, as taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson and have met the requirements as a Certified Emotion Code Technique Practitioner.

Finally, I am certified as a Reiki Master and enjoy being able to see and feel the Universal Life Energy in action.

Margie Kalaluhi possesses a rare strength, a vibrant beauty, and an inner vision which allow her to assist others in finding their way.

Along with my Registered Dental Hygiene certificate, I am also a graduate of the National Holistic Institute, currently located in Emeryville, California. Years of looking into people's mouths have taught me the benefits of prevention, and years of working on people's bodies have convinced me of the need for proper nutrition. Feeling that there was more to health than teeth, gums, and bodies, I moved on to other therapies.

I was led to a company called Nikken, now out of Irvine, California, and started using their technologies in 1995. Nikken's vision is to be the number one wellness company in the world. They started in 1975, are currently in over 30 countries, have thousands of wellness consultants and millions of satisfied customers. Nikken leads the field in magnetic technology, far-infrared technology, whole food nutritionals, and water and air filtration systems. I continue using many of Nikken's products and recommend others to do so. I personally use the magnetic sleep system, daily nutritionals, several different magnets, the air filter, and my favorite, the alkaline water from Nikken's Water Fall.

Nikken has been a leader of the Wellness industry since 1975 helping millions of customers around the world to achieve total wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

I learned about Reconnective Healing, attended trainings taught by Eric Pearl. and received a certificate in this modality. After that, I found The LifeLine Technique as taught by Dr. Darren Weissman.

Dr. Weissman was able to combine several different modalities into one easily used and completely flowing method, using aspects from traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, color therapy, muscle testing, and emotional clearing techniques. I realized that this very gentle yet very powerful system was one of the best in the world for having the subconscious mind connect to the conscious mind, which removes emotional blockages and allows energy to flow freely again.

The LifeLine Technique is the fusion of science and spirit. It incorporates the traditions of natural healing, Sessions with Margie can be conducted in person, over the phone, or Skype.