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Margie Kalaluhi

Welcome to Heart Centered Wellness, a state of being, a state of consciousness, a state of awareness. Browse through this website to find answers to those questions only you can ask. Get to know one of the world's best intuitive healers, whose gifts include empathy, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Pictured here in front of an ancient Hawaiian structure on the Big Island of Hawai'i, Margie Kalaluhi possesses a rare strength, a vibrant beauty, and an inner vision which allow her to assist others in finding their way.

Session With Margie

Margie Kalaluhi

Sessions with Margie awaken you to the root cause of the painful, scary, or stressful experiences that manifest as symptoms such as physical pain, stress or anxiety. Coupled with the Five Basics of Optimal Health, which are the five acts of self love: water, food, rest, exercise and owning your own power, you are able to create the best possible conditions for the body to be a self healing organism. It can be utilized by everyone looking to live a conscious life and transform the quality of their health.


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